Giuseppe Buccinnà is an Italian fashion designer from Milan. Holding a degree in Civil Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and a diploma in pattern-making from Istituto Secoli, his work tends to harbour both educations by combining strictly technical elements with more harmonious and voluminous forms, aiming at essential connections between fabric, styling and wearability. The attraction for abandoned structures as well as the fascination for Eastern cultures, psychology, music and painting also play a crucial role in the development of his ideas.



Giuseppe Buccinnà’s fashion is always mindful of reality and of its ever-changing nature with an eye on contemporary art. Sustainability throughout the whole production process, respect for employers and their working space are fundamental to the brand. The production is entirely carried out in Italy and each creative phase is developed along with suppliers chosen on the basis of shared goals, reliability and an
eco-friendly spirit. The commitment of the brand, today and tomorrow, is to offer the world of fashion garments characterized by high standards of quality, design and environmental respect, for customers who view fashion as a cultural vehicle in contemporary society.



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